Thursday, 26 June 2014

All about a Dog.

It really has been all about a dog over the last two weeks, since kind-hearted Mr T, on his way to work espied an almost imperceptible movement on the side of the road that wasn't exactly like a plastic bag moving in the wind and which sadly turned out to be a dog, not so recently run over but callously left for dead. The weather then was absolutely awful. After a week of torrential and almost non-stop rain it had turned icy, with reports of snow coming in from all parts of the country. This poor lad must have endured at least a few nights and days, lying injured, cold and starving.
How he was able to barely lift his head precisely the moment Mr.T happened to drive by,  is nothing short of serendipity. Honestly, if anyone else had stopped he'd have, with all good intentions, been taken to the SPCA, where in all likeliness they would not have hesitated in terminating what looked to be a hopeless case. Mr.T wrapped this deathly weak animal in a blanket we keep in the back of the pick-up for our Staffie, Joe, and there this poor boy lay until we were able to get him to a vet. When we brought him in he was so weak he barely looked at us, drifting, I imagine, in and out of consciousness. I wondered what he thought of all this, if he believed he'd passed into Doggie Nirvana? It turned out, after X-rays, that he had a fractured hip,with one leg dislocated from the hip socket, the other broken. Which would have made it impossible for him to even try get to help, water or food, after he was run down. We could see that the Vet thought it better to have him humanely "terminated" but neither Mr. T ,nor I, were convinced. After all, he wasn't rescued just to be "put out of his misery"!
The Vet didn't hold out much hope. But after two weeks of Vet care, and another almost one week with us here at home...TA-DAH! Meet Harry! We can hardly believe the turn-around! And although it's still a long road to recovery ( after four weeks home-care he's off to doggie hospital to have his legs joined to his hips with bolts! )... it appears we have struck gold with Harry. He is exceptionally sweet and gentle. And a huge bonus for us? He likes Cats!Yay! Anyhow, since we collected Harry from the Vet I've had to keep a constant eye. We were supposed to keep him "absolutely still and contained" said the Vet. Ha, no chance of that! Somehow, he is managing to balance on his back legs and hop about, looking ( because of his long ears ) somewhat like a Kangaroo! He still tires easily but now wags his tail every time he sees us. He eats ( there is no end ) like the street dog he probably is and the look on his face seems to convey to us that in fact in his own mind, he has after all, died and gone to Dog Nirvana.
All this nursing and keeping an eye means that my OCD regarding crocheting a triangle from a circle, eventually morphing into a lovely strip of colourful bunting, almost drove me mad! I can't read patterns ( is that ADD?). I lose concentration after the first line of crochet short-hand. I tried looking at picture patterns but seem to have a mental block about making head or tail of them too! Usually I look at something appealing, in the crochet department, and then try to replicate what I see. Yes. I know. That's the hard way! Thing's all about counting out stitches. So with one eye on my crochet, the other on my patient, and the other ( my third eye? ) on everything else it's to be expected that I'd end up with what vaguely looks like a triangle, but in reality, is a mess of missed stitches and a lot of guess work. I'm not about to share any images of those disasters. They will be relegated to the yarn bomb pile.However, if nothing else, I am tenacious and I have finally managed to work out my own passable pattern, which is replicable. Please don't ask me for it. I wouldn't have a clue! :-) xxxxxxx

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