Wednesday, 23 July 2014

"Olde Worlde" granny square cushion cover.

Yay!! *happy dance* I can't help it! I always feel so excited when I finish a crochet project! I know, it's totally silly but there you go!  This time it was an " olde worlde granny square cushion cover ". I learned a few new crochet stitches ( I was thrilled ) and I also figured out how to make a fabric cushion back ( something like algebra, or geometry working that lot out! ). Also, after several failed attempts at youtube how-to's I figured out how to to the frilly edge. In between figuring out how to do all this, without a pattern, I did learn how to crochet a  from an actual pattern ( something I'd had a mental block about; reading crochet shorthand ). So, in all, I've gained a bit more experience. Sometimes, as I crochet, I imagine I'm crocheting a new world into being. Wouldn't that be amazing!? xxxxxxx
It was also a great excuse to sit outside in the Winter Sun! Usually I'd be too fidgety to just sit outside and bask. With my hands busy I feel justified! The dogs love it too and insist on lying almost on top of me and my WIP's! :-)
I just love the combination of colours! I joined those colourful little granny squares with a colour called Cinnamon! How perfect for Winter! It's definitely a move away from my usual colours...grey, and blues and other earthy neutrals.
I'm no sewer so I struggled a bit with the backing. Eventually I worked it out but it reminded me of school maths projects! And doing complicated school projects with my children! I was all fingers and thumbs. :-)
The satisfying thing, blogging about a project, it that in a strange way it does force you to finish projects, and then when you see all the stages you went through to finish it, especially if you found a project challenging, you are encouraged to continue. And of course, the more you work at your craft, the better you get and the more confidence you have to tackle the next one! Especially if you have no one around to help motivate you.