Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Rainy Days make me smile...

Rainy days, for me, are most welcome. Something about too much heat, humidity and the scorching Sun makes Summers unbearable for me. In Cape Town, the South-Easter blows almost constantly, which means every manner of pollen and dust finds it's way up my nose and into my sinuses. In short, I sneeze through the entire season and as a result am usually pretty miserable! Luckily this season is relatively short here, with January and February being the absolute pits! But never mind, it's not here yet and in the meantime I'm enjoying the last weeks of winter, catching up on as much hooky as I can manage. I've finally completed my mini-throw which started out as a really grandiose project a few years back when I first learned to crochet...2012. I had BIG PLANS then to crochet a Queen sized bedspread. The colours were inspired by all things wintry but after dozens of granny squares, all in rain-cloud, stormy-sky, sea and sand colours I  became quite bored and cut the project down to size. Yes, I am the boss here!

Anyhow, I was happy at how it turned out. I started to learn how to crochet flowers around this time too and was almost set to add a whole bunch but then I calmed down and took stock. I DO love very plain designs, probably influenced by the Amish quilts I so love. It's quite an art keeping things simple when there is so much to inspire. I get terribly side-tracked, especially when I've had a visit to crochet Blogland. Recently I read about Sophie Digard  and the absolutely gorgeous work she does. Well, it makes one want to hang up the 'ol Hooks for good and take up growing carrots instead.  I mean, some of the crochet work "out there" is beyond mindblowingly amazing.

Nevertheless, I am hooked on hooky, and if nothing else it is good for my mental and emotional equilibrium. I do still experience occasional anxiety attacks and when one threatens (usually in the dead of night ) I wobble over to my trusty basket of yarn and with trembling fingers and a pounding heart double crochet, treble, treble, treble, slip stitch and in no time at all my body and mind settles down and I am calm once more. So on that score, crochet is cheaper than therapy! My husband asked why I no longer paint, and I explained that coloured yarn was paint made tangible, like solid strands of colour that I can hook into all sorts of shapes, many of them actually quite useful...like my beanie! I think he gets it. :-) xxxxxxx